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Template competition

After I had read a small note on zeldman.com about a template competition by the Australian company westciv I decided to participate. My entry didn't make it to the winners, but I'm proud to receive a copy of the upcoming version 4 of Style Master, some graphical front end for CSS design. Unfortunately, the software is not available for Linux, so I'll have to continue using vim for a while ;-)

However, it's good to see that Web design based on standards like XHTML and CSS is becoming more and more popular. I'm not a designer, and programming, for me, is the more exciting part of Web site creation. I decided to submit my entry as a proof of concept that also programmers can easily create CSS designs without spending much time or energy. Creating the site took only some hours on a rainy Sunday and not other software than vim has been used (or harmed). And if you like the template, feel free to adapt it. It's been published under the creative commons license, so you're free to use it as long as the copyright text remains.