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Linuxtag 2003

This weekend I've been to the LinuxTag in Karlsruhe. I spoke with some of the PHP developers, but--as expected--none of them could help me with my PHP-DB2 problem. I was told to write a bug report, which I will do after my exam on Friday.

Besides that, the LinuxTag was more or less interesting. I attended a speech of one of the MySQL marketing guys. He told that triggers and stored procedures are planned for the release 5--but I still didn't hear a word about foreign keys! At least I'm now aware of the REPLACE INTO which will save me one SQL statement in session management. Maybe I should read the mySQL changelogs from time to time... ;)

The other speech I attended was about PostgreSQL. If I had the time, I would join the PostgreSQL development team. It's a great product, but I can't understand why it's not pushed by the web hosting companies. Maybe too complex for the technical support? ;)

Redhat was selling a poster with the complete Linux 0.01 source on it. I will put it up after I will have moved to my new room in August.